A little holiday for your cat while you are on yours

We have recently updated and repainted all our chalets in a beach theme meaning your kitty can have their holiday while you have yours.

All our chalets are heated (each with its own heat lamp) as well as a spacious indoor run and internal sleeping areas where your cat can curl up and sleep the day away.

We also have a radio playing 24 hours a day ensuring your cat has company, as well as our highly trained staff who play with your cat making sure they are loved just as you would do.

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What's in the Cat Chalet

In each cat chalet there is a scratching post, litter tray, cat bed and of course food is provided (see below). We do recommend bringing an item such an old towel or blanket with your scent or scent of home to help your cat relax. If you wish to bring additional items such as cat toys, treats or their own bed you are more then welcome to do so.


We provide both wet and dry food (various brands) to meet with your cats diet and of course is provided as part of their stay. If your cat does have special dietry requirements please let us know when booking or please bring a supply with you when dropping your cat off.

Play time and Brushing

We make every effort to spend time with your cat each day having play time with them and brushing them. All our staff are familar with looking after cats making sure that your kitty has the perfect stress free time while you are away.

Vaccinations must be up-to-date

As part of your cats stay, it is our policy to insist that that all cats are up to date with their vaccinations and records must be provided upon arrival.

Any current medical conditions, or previous must be advised at booking and again when dropping off and relevant medication and dosage requirements advised. We are able to administer medication, including injections, upon request.

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