Not just a kennel but a second home for your dog

Our dog kennels and exercise and open pen areas are all situated on site allowing your dog to not only rest but stretch their legs as well. This includes a 1/2 acre paddock with jumps and a 2 acre field for lead walking.

All our kennels are under cover (with heating for the winter months) as well as a spacious indoor area and internal sleeping area.

Each kennel building has a radio we play for company. Our staff ensure your dog is walked twice a day, brushed and played with!

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What's in the dog kennel

In each dog kennel there is a bed, blankets and of course food and water is provided (see below). If your dog prefers their own bed or bedding the please feel free to bring this with them along with any toys.


We provide both wet and dry food (various brands) to meet with your dogs diet and of course is provided as part of their stay. If your dog does have special dietry requirements (such as portion size or specific feeding times etc) please let us know when booking or please bring a supply with you when dropping your dog off.

Exercise and walks

We ensure that your dog is walked and or exercised twice a day in our spacious outside runs. These are sectioned off and allow your dog a chance to walk, run and play just as they would at home. Play and walks are performed with our staff specifically with your dog (not as a group) to keep that unique one on one feeling and not stress your dog.

We aim to provide a minimum of 1.5 hours a day exercise time for your dogs. This is weather permitting and, of course, dependent on your dogs appetite for exercise!!

Vaccinations must be up-to-date

As part of your dogs stay, it is our policy to insist that that all dogs are up to date with their vaccinations and records must be provided upon arrival.

Any current medical conditions, or previous must be advised at booking and again when dropping off and relevant medication and dosage requirements advised. We are able to administer medication, including injections, upon request.

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