Its not just cats and dogs

If you have a small pet, such as a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig then just like cats and dogs we have a place for them while you are away.

We have a range of hutches for your pet, or if they have their own cage or home you can bring that for their stay.

Should your small pet require a chance to run around and explore we have a dedicated and supervised area so they can stretch their little legs.

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What's in Small Pets area

Depending on your small pet, we offer a range of hutches, or if your pet has their own holiday home or house (ie for Gerbils, mice etc) please bring this as we have space to house this for you in our small pets area. .


We provide a range of foods to meet with your small pets diet and of course is provided as part of their stay. If your small pet does have special dietry requirements please let us know when booking or please bring a supply with you when dropping your small pet off.

Time out of the hutch

If your small pet is able to come out of the hutch or their holiday home (where appropriate) then we offer a controlled and supervised area where they can run around, explore and play.


As part of your small pets stay, it is our policy to insist that that all small pets are up to date with their vaccinations (where appropriate) and records must be provided upon arrival.

Any current medical conditions, or previous must be advised at booking and again when dropping off and relevant medication and dosage requirements advised. We are able to administer medication, including injections, upon request.

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