Cattery in Cromwell Farm


A relaxing cattery with garden views

One of the deciding factors in us buying Crowell Farm was the design of the cattery. Unlike many every cat pen is looking out onto a large garden area, where they can listen to running water or just watch the chickens and ducks roaming freely. Cats are curious by nature, so providing stimulation is key to their happiness and well-being. We believe our cattery does just that.

Our entire cattery was completely refurbished in April 2021 and we believe the spacious pens and design provide something a little different for your cat. Why not pop in and have a look? We operate an open-door policy and encourage everyone to come and visit us to view our 5 star licenced facilities, meet us and (most importantly) discuss your pets needs.

Our cattery has:

  • 16 double cat pens and 2 family enclosures
  • 5 raised areas in each cat pen
  • Heat lamps and thermometers in every pen.
  • Music is playing 24 hours a day.
  • A garden view with chickens, ducks and wild birds to keep
    them amused.
  • A home room for 1:2:1 time & to relax and watch TV.


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